PSY230 - Introduction to Behavioral Statistics  


Video Tutorials

Module 1

Descriptive Statistics

T1: IIntroduction to Data and Distributions with Excel for PC

T2: Standard Deviations

T2: Standard Deviation for Macintosh

T3: Normal Distribution

T123: Review of Descriptive Statistics



P1 Calculate Average from a Frequency Table

P2 Calculate average from a Grouped Frequency Table

P3 Normal Distribution: Application of 1-2-3 Rule

Module 2


Classical vs Empirical Probabilities

(this video is under construction)

 Application of Empirical Probabilities

T4: Z-Calculations

T4: Z-Tables, Visualizations, and Calculations

T5: Central Limit Theorem

One Application of Central Limit Theorem

T5_1:  Binomial Probability Distribution

T6:  t-distribution with Excel



P5 Calculate Confidence Interval with Sigma Known

P5 Calculate Confidence Interval with Sigma Unknown

P5 Calculate Confidence Interval for Proportion

Module 3

Testing Hypothesis

T7: Testing Hypothesis With a Single Sample

T8: Testing Hypothesis with Two Independent Samples

T8: Use Excel to test a Hypothesis with Two Related Samples


T11_1 Contingency Table and Expected Values: Chi-Squared Test of Independence

T11_2 Calculate Chi-Squared with Excel

T11: Chi-Squared Review

T12: Correlation and Regression


Excel Files & Video Help

T7 Excel File for Testing Hypothesis with a Single Sample   

Video Help

Excel File


Testing Hypothesis with Two Dependent Samples

Video Help

Testing Hypothesis With Two Independent Samples   Video Help

T10: ANOVA    Video Help

T11: Chi-Squared Test with Excel   Video Help

T12: Final Spring 2015     Video Help

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